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Wikipedia - Eisenia fetida⚓︎


  • Red wigglers are reddish-brown in color, have small rings around their body and have a yellowish tail.
  • Eisenia fetida worms are native to Europe, but have been introduced (both intentionally and unintentionally) to every other continent except Antarctica.
  • Also known as Brandling worm, Manure worm, Panfish worm, Redworm, Tiger worm, and Trout worm.


  • When roughly handled, the worm exudes a pungent liquid, thus the specific name fetida meaning “foul-smelling”.


  • As with other earthworm species, E. fetida is [[hermaphroditic]], and uniparental reproduction is possible, even if usually the reproduction is between copulating individuals.
  • Two worms join clitella, the large, lighter-colored bands which contain the worms’ reproductive organs, and which are only prominent during the reproduction process. Sperm is exchanged, and both worms then secrete cocoons, each containing several eggs.
  • Cocoons are lemon-shaped and are pale yellow at first, becoming more brownish as the worms inside become mature.
  • Cocoons hatch at around 3 weeks of age, and around 25°C.

Life Expectancy⚓︎

The life expectancy, under controlled conditions, varies between one and five years.