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SysPrep in Depth - Part 2 - Verifying SysPrep And Driver File Permissions⚓︎

September 28, 2007

Setting File Permissions On Your SysPrep and Drivers Folders⚓︎

Now you should have a ‘drivers’ folder and a ‘sysprep’ folder in the root of the system drive. The driver folder should contain all the drivers for your computers in some sort of structure with a folder for each driver. Now we should check permissions on these files just to make sure SysPrep has access to every file it needs, we wouldn’t want a driver being half installed during the “Detecting plug and play” hardware section of SysPrep.

We can use the cacls.exe command to accomplish this quickly and easily.

cacls c:\sysprep /e /p "everyone":r cacls c:\drivers /e /p "everyone":r

Although this step seems like it isn’t needed I have found many cases where this step is needed. Weird isn’t it? SysPrep.exe runs as the system user after reboot so how in the world could it not have access to files? Well I have no clue as to how to explain the issue but I do know that I was running into this enough to make me script out this fix. Feel free to do this step or skip over, your call.