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Literature Notes⚓︎

These are notes that we write down while consuming content like podcast, books, articles, songs, movies, or any other content. You may find that Fleeting Notes will require additional research before they can become Permanent Notes, these Literature notes are the method of converting those notes.

1) Each note needs to be atomic, brief, and only as long as required. 2) If the content being consumed is of significant length, and #1 can’t be easily achieved, a long literature note with sections to break it up, is ok. Later, the longer note can be broken in to more atomic notes as either literature or permanent notes. 3) They need to describe the content/idea in your own words, so you can internalize the information. 4) Always gather the reference, so you can go back and find the full reference if required. Make it a habit to include the book title, author, chapter, page number, time index, etc.

[!info] These are stored in the References directory.


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