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Permanent Notes⚓︎

These are the output of Fleeting Notes and Literature Notes.

1) Each note needs to be atomic, brief, and only as long as required. 2) Rewrite the fleeting and literature notes assuming the reader has no knowledge of the context. 3) Connect the permanent notes with other notes. Every permanent note should have at least one link to some Literature Note.

These need to be written so that our future self can understand the note, in its entirety, and without requiring additional notes to be read. They are stand-alone ideas that can be made without any direct context to other sourced information such as books, videos, or other available data.

Linking to resources and other notes brings to life the graph and build the natural structure of the zettelkasten.

“Permanent” should not be interpreted this as “forever unchanging”, but rather “forever useful”. They may, and should, be updated over time as new information is learned.

[!danger] Don’t write the sticky note that has one word on it such that a month from now you won’t have a clue what the note meant.

[!info] These are stored in the Durable directory.


Zettelkasten Method Explained - A Beginner’s Guide