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NetApp Breaking SnapMirror Volumes⚓︎


Once a SnapMirror is setup both the Source and Destination volumes require special consideration if you are to later break the mirror.

  • Update the Source volume to the Destination if you can NetApp SnapMirror Updating
  • This step syncs all data to make sure the mirror is up to date
  • Quiesce the Destination volumes snapmirror quiesce -destination-path svm-with-volumes:my_vol_dr
  • This step waits for all volume SnapMirror transfers to complete, and blocks any further updates.
  • Delete the Destination SnapMirror relationship snapmirror delete -destination-path svm-with-volumes:my_vol_dr
  • This step deletes the SnapMirror relationship on the Destination volume.
  • Break the Destination SnapMirror relationship snapmirror break -destination-path svm-with-volumes:my_vol_dr
  • This step changes the volume from a ‘dp’ type to ‘rw’ so we can write to it.
  • Release the Source SnapMirror relationship on the Source Cluster snapmirror release -source-vserver svm-with-volumes -source-volume my_vol *
  • This step ends the relationship between the source and destinations snapshots, allowing the Source to delete its base SnapMirror copy.