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Vermicompost Bin Moisture Levels⚓︎


Keeping a vermicompost bins moisture levels around 68% to 75% is critical to keeping a healthy ecosystem. Too wet and you can create and aerobic ecosystem, killing the worms. Too dry and the worms will be unable to process to the composting material,s and they will eventually die.

Moisture Content⚓︎

Moisture content in a vermicompost bin is often misunderstood. Many people believe that Leachate is a good sign, when in fact it means the bin is over watered.

Food waste typically has a high water content, often times around 80%. If you over feed you can quickly raise your bins moisture content well over 75% the worms like, creating issues associated with Leachate.

Moisture Content Management⚓︎

Adding bedding as you feed high moisture content foods is an easy way to maintain the proper moisture levels. You should always be adding bedding, so adding a dry bedding with your food will help maintain a healthy bin. If you see that the bin is getting too dry, add additional food, or a damp layer of bedding. Remember to avoid creating a situation where you create Leachate.